Virtual Admin & Customer Service for FinTech Company

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Posted on September 9, 2019


Request Description

Freeman Capital is an online investment service for minority, millennial-aged, and overlooked populations interested in investing and learning how to start. We know what they need because we’re just like them.

We are looking for someone to do two things:
1. Provide executive administrative assistance – accurately answering and responding to emails
2. We are looking for someone to provide fantastic customer support to our customers.

Executive Administrative Assistance:
1. Read and respond to emails with professionalism and clarity
2. Make calls as needed
3. Other standard VA duties

Customer Service Duties:
Our platform is 100% online. We need someone who has a heart for customer service and wants to provide fantastic service and follow up.

Tools we use:
1. Intercom – ticket management & live chat
2. Hubspot – CRM
3. Dialpad – virtual Phone system

We have some scripts in place and you will have direct access to leadership and the resources to get things done but we need someone to own this process and make sure that the customers are taken care of and truly be the advocate always ensuring they have the best experience possible.

Initially, this will start off as a 15-20 hour a week job but as the work continues to pick up, it can quickly grow to 30+ hours a week.


Admin Support
Experience Level*:
Hours needed per week. :15-30

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