Need video and live stream added to current app and web app

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Posted on May 16, 2020


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Hello I need help with upgrading my current app and web application. I’m currently using Joomla EasySocial and the app compliments this platform and was built with react native. It will need to be uploaded to both stores as a new version. I have it in a zip file and I have a language translations .json file for the mobile app..

For the Web app and mobile app I need:

1. To add video calling

2. Live stream API like Socialize

3. Update search features 

4. Update language string

5. Add a booking API like calendly for users to book other users time

My current video option only allows you to upload a video link. I would like the option for users to upload video from their device and limit it to a short video recording similar to tmy WOABik tok as well. 

My app is a health and wellness app. Its a social network that focuses on creating healthy habits and connecting workout buddies for workout success.  We aim to break generation cycles of heart disease, diabetes and more. I need to engage my users physically and to connect them with other users or WOABs (WorkOut Accountability Buddies) 

I also need assistance with search features to locate users based on their activities. Laslty I need to ensure language strings for friends and followers are replaced with WOABs and supporters.

My website that needs to be updated needs a new template with pictures, video, and less verbiage. It can be reviewed at and the app is in both store under My WOAB. I would like someone who can help with long term maintenance while the company grows and someone that may be passionate about health and diet who can add other insights to this project.  Budget is negotiable.

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