Posted on May 4, 2020

Integrate Job Board into Freelance Marketplace

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Hello all.  I’m integrating a job board display UI and submission process similar to Remotive into Incluzion.  A lot of the work was done by a previous developer in displaying a jobs.  However, submitting a job needs to be completed (Main Task #2).

Please reply with your hourly rate. 

Incluzion is a php/wordpress site.  I’d need a senior to mid level proficiency in php and js

Project overview video:

Asana Board

Display Job UI (Main Task #1)


  • Render jobs in accordion UI
  • update address bar without reloading page with job is expanded
  • Create shortcode to diplay jobs accordion section on incluzion landing site
  • Allow existing filter on to filter jobs in new UI
  • UI features configured by user on new job page
  • Apply / Reply Button

Post a Job UI (Main Task #2)


  • Field Mapping
  • Add ATS (Applicant Tracking System) Import Options
  • Auto-fill fields from Hireability API
  • Post Visibility Pricing
  • Stripe integration
  • Add redirect functionality to reply button.
  • Preview Post
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