Full Stack Developer at Incluzion.co (Equity Compensation)

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  • Job Budget $82,197.26
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Posted on August 4, 2019


Request Description

Skills:  WordPress, Backbone.js, HTML/CSS/PHP/MYSQL, React.js, Vue.Js

Compensation: 59,998 shares* x $1.37 per share** = $82,197.26‬ in shares or 2.0% equity 
*Class B Non Voting Common Stock
**This price is based on the share price of our current equity fundraising price per share. 


This is a role that requires a technical leader who shares the vision continuing the build-out of a diversity-focused, on-demand talent platform. The platform is built in php with the wordpress cms.  It utilizes backbone js and anticipates on rewriting the UI using react in a later phase.   

The right candidate is versatile, ambitious, proficient, and has an extreme passion for the creative process. This project is a startup that is developing it’s own technology while concurrently working a wide variety of clients, with vastly different use cases, technical knowledge, and requirements.

Required Attributes

1. Comprehensive technical knowledge and a perpetual learner 

2. Passion and motivation to innovate 

3. Ability to collaborate with a client to brainstorm ideas, analyze how to provide value, and construct an appropriate product proposal 

4. Expertise to discern a new product’s fundamental requirements product requirements and the most effective way to achieve the project quickly, affordably, and completely. 

5. Learn from working with clients to ideate, design, and develop the Incluzion On-Demand Talent platform. 

6. Internal motivation and dedication.

7. Enthusiastic to build a product, team, and company from the ground up.

Experience Level*:
Hours needed per week. :10-30 hours

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Freelance Full-Stack Web Developer


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Bernard Huff

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Shubhra Shrivastava

Senior Full Stack Develope


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