Full Stack Dev for Marketplace MVP needed asap

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Posted on August 8, 2019


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I am starting a market place type business similar to airbnb and LiquidSpace (but in a diff type of real estate) see:


Here is LiquidSpace tech stack 

I need a back end and front end designer who can now build the working MVP for us. We just need something functional enoguh to launch and go to market with. We have customers waiting to sign up. I am offering to pay for the dev but also am interested in finding someone who wants to take on equity and potentially partner on this project long term. I can certainly explain more about the company over a call/skype. I’ll just say it’s very very cool and supports an amazing cause while also having potential for huge upside–again we already have customers waiting for our service. 

I want something very very similar to Liquidspace so please lmk if you’ve worked on similar projects. 


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