Designer need to create IG Image Highlighting Freelancers

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Posted on February 9, 2020


Request Description

I’d like a graphic created that will be used as a template to highlight the freelancers on Incluzion.  I’d like the graphic created using  

Here is my 1st attempt.  It highlights a real freelancer.

Here is my 2nd attempt using a stock photo.

I was told that the graphic should look like a Nike ad and not a Craigslist ad.  🙂

The information about the freelancer doesn’t have to include all of the information listed on the examples. But I’d prefer a call to action, but it may not be needed as well. 

If this works out, then I’d like to work on an ongoing basis creating other graphics to promote the site. 

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Antonio Samuels

Senior UX Designer / Creative Designer


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