App Developer for Apparel Line (Shopify+)

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Posted on August 1, 2019


Request Description

Developer needed for my shopify developer account.  Once that can assist with developing an “app” similar to “shipful” which is on the shopify market place now.  Also, supporting developing a basic app, for the apparel line that will be like a main home page, where users once downloaded, they can interact with our “Augmented Reality” platform, see locations/sites for our showroom, download our app, for their shopify store, check out our latest social media, and check out our specials/deals.  So, sort f like a: dashboard app for the apparel line.  Our company is Seed2Shirt (Ad&M Apparel) and our site is located here:

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Zachary Farley

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Shubhra Shrivastava

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