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  • Gwendolyn L. Young

    When CEOs hire me they spend more time working with clients, making more money, and focusing on only what they can do.

    20 years experience 0 projects worked $50.00/hr $0 earned

    In a nutshell, I help established influencers alleviate their administrative burdens, get their time back, and reduce their stress using my administrative, operations, and project support services. I am a huge fan of structure, systems, and processes and love helping my clients implement these in their business to make their lives easier and their businesses run smoother. I received my Master of Art Degree in Organizational Leadership from Lewis University and graduated Cum Laude in undergrad from DeVry University with…

  • Jessica Cumberbatch Anderson

    Writer, Editor, Story Producer

    16 years experience 0 projects worked $50.00/hr $0 earned

    Jessica Cumberbatch Anderson is an award-winning writer, editor and content strategist. After spending over a decade working in magazine media and developing an eye for stylish interiors, Jessica knows what truly inspires, drives conversations and keeps an audience coming back for more.At the heart of her creative process: good taste and a perfectionist spirit, a relentless commitment to innovation, and a passion for telling a diverse array of stories.Jessica’s work has been featured both behind and in front of the…

  • Julie Elander

    Remote / Telecommute Freelance Copyeditor, Writer & Writing Instructor, Course Developer

    20 years experience 0 projects worked $20.00/hr $0 earned

    I have worked for many years on a freelance/contract basis copyediting nonfiction books, academic writing (including Ph.D. dissertations), training manuals, PowerPoint training modules (for both online and instructor-led training), reports, and other materials for such companies as Cengage Publishers, Aptara/Techbooks, Cambridge University Press, Sacred Heart University, T. Rowe Price, Alltel, Disney, NASA, GE, Cisco, Vector Fields Software, AutoTrader Magazine, NetApp, and Wiley & Sons Inc. Additionally, I have written Web copy, marketing emails, ad copy (for magazines and billboards), resumes…

  • Antonio Samuels

    Senior UX Designer / Creative Designer

    17 years experience 0 projects worked $75.00/hr $0 earned

    A native of Charleston, SC residing in Columbia, SC for over 20 years. A King of the Hill, Psych, Bernie Mac Show and Matlock enthusiast. Bright colored Puma wearing aficionado. Most importantly a passionate designer with a creative eye for visual design. My career spans 10+ years in the design industry creating work for individuals, small, large and non-profit business(s). I am a full-time senior designer for Unum and a moonlighter that created CoDesign on the basis of providing visual…

  • Sohil Patel

    I help Startups Work their Magic through Software

    2 years experience 0 projects worked $25.00/hr $0 earned

    A tech enthusiast making my way in the industry by reaching out to new businesses and industry leaders to help them augment their IT and Software Infrastructure. I help Startups and Enterprises augment their IT capabilities by leveraging World-Class Outsourced Software Development Support in Healthcare, Education, Finance, Retail, Telecom, Digital Enterprise and Supply-Chain & Logistics. Working with Rishabh Software, a leading provider of Enterprise Solutions enables me to help people create and build innovative products and systems which make people’s…

  • LaBlanca Monique

    UI / Web Designer

    15 years experience 1 project worked $52.00/hr $0 earned

    My journey started in my teens, creating graphics and fan pages for all of my favorite music artists.  Back when webrings and banner exchanges were a thing.  When midis were the only way to add music to a webpage and hosting was through Angelfire, Homestead or Geocities.

    Web and graphic design have always been a part of my life.  What started out as a hobby, slowly but surely has turned into a career path. I received an associate…

  • Teana Shelton

    Personal Finance / Parenting Writer

    3 years experience 0 projects worked $0 earned

    Thank you for the opportunity to work on your project!

  • Larry Stewart

    Digital Product Management & Startup Strategist

    20 years experience 0 projects worked $100.00/hr $0 earned

    An Interactive Project Manager and Digital Product Development leader working with tech start-ups & small/medium sized businesses on digital marketing and product development strategies. Primary skill set is focused on the strategy, design, and delivery of web, social, mobile, and CRM applications. Related experience involves business development and complete project lifecycle/team management using Agile methodology for client, mobile, and SaaS technology platforms built on .NET and Java web application stacks. Experienced and proven as a Project and Product Lead for…

  • Juan Carlos Calix

    Junior Front End Web Developer - Software Developer

    2 years experience 0 projects worked $18.00/hr $0 earned

    I am passionate for the software developer, considering me as a beginner in this world of the software developer. I worked for 2 years in developing software with C#, SQL, Silverlight, MVVM also I worked with team agile methodologies as Scrum. I also have a little knowledge as Font End Angular 2, ReactJS, Javascript, HTML5, CSS” also Front End with NodeJS and C#(web api) so and the part mobile I have a knowledge with Xamarin Form and Xamarin Android with…

  • Jay Jemal

    Entrepreneur | Blockchain Architect | Digital Transformation Agent

    20 years experience 0 projects worked $150.00/hr $0 earned

    A thoughtful, articulate professional with more than 19 years of cross-industry experience in private and public sector. Mr. Jemal a technology expert, consistently implemented and delivered advanced and sophisticated solutions to meet objectives of strategic business initiatives at several industry settings. A bright problem solver, he approaches system solution as a craft, and applies a rigorous but manageable development process to all projects. Mr. Jemal recognizes that simplicity and maintainability are the hallmarks of a good system. It is this…

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